Willkommen auf der Fotogalerie des RG Komensky. Viel Spaß beim Stöbern in den 20.000 Erinnerungsfotos!

On Wednesday, January the 24th, our English group visited an exhibition in MQ called “Americans“. It was an exposition of photographs by thirteen artists that took pictures of the real life in America. Some photos dealt with poverty, some with drug addicts, some showed interesting people or recorded situations of the daily life.

Dagmar: It was nice to have a guide, who commented on some of the pictures (in English, of course) and told us about the intention of the artist. This was something new for me: to think about how the photograph came up, how the artist was feeling like when taking the picture, if he or she was close to the object, why he/she got the idea to take a picture of it.
I would recommend the exhibition to people who at first like photographs and second would like to learn America from another angle.

Dominic liked the bishop with the blue eye.
Peter liked that the pictures were realistic.
Barbora liked that on the pictures were many kinds of people. From poor to exhibitionists and also happy people.
Jules liked the idea of the exhibition. To photograph strange people and to show moments of life.
Lukas doesnt like the lifestyle of the US people.
Julia especially liked the part of the exhibition with the guy with the bees everywhere on his face, the girl with freckles all over her body and the corner with the skaters.
Mr Killian liked most of all the soft cushions.