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Datum: 12. April 2019
Klasse: 4A
Did you know that Palais Caprara-Geymüller is one of the oldest baroque palaces in Vienna? And that it was exactly in this palace where during the French Revolution the seat of the French embassy was? Well, imagine the insolence of the French, they not only killed the daughter of their Maria-Theresa, but they also hissed their new flag over that balcony, thus celebrating their infamous deed. Guess what, the Viennese got furious, they pulled the flag down and burnt it. Are you familiar with the fact that in Palais Mollard-Clary you find a hallway clad with plaques telling you the history of the place? Or that in Minoritenkirche (the best known because of The Last Supper, of course) the dead body of the king Premysl Ottokar II was laid out for thirty weeks? What about Palais Batthyany? Do you know that it was this palace where Eugen von Savoyen found himself drawn to? No, not because of the building but because of Countess Eleonore. He found himself drawn to that woman not only because of her beauty, but also her intelligence, thus becoming her soul mate. Many more interesting facts were to be found by the children of 4A Class on Friday before our Easter holiday. They had to find all the information by themselves having only the sparing clues on their guidelines, but they did a great job. There were some of them who could find all, altogether twenty-two tasks. And me? I am looking forward to the next historical walking with you again.
Begleitung: MMag. Dagmar Sar, Mag. Roman Frühauf