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We consecrated two days to London and went on our own to explore one of the largest European capitals. Not until we got on the tube did we really understand the complicated net of the lines and colours of the oldest underground in the world. And when we emerged from that world of fast passing trains, St. Pauls in all its magnificence stood before our eyes. Leaving St. Pauls behind us, we walked across Millennium Bridge to the Globe, then passing along the Thames we strolled by Southwark Cathedral to Borough Market, holding the title of being the oldest, then straight to the Tower. The children were shown the place where once the river covered a sideway gate at the bank and through which a boat brought Anne Boleyn to the place where she was beheaded. So beautiful must she have been, that the heart of the English monarch started longing after her, thus changing the destiny of the whole nation.
Blenheim Palace was scheduled for Monday with its interesting narrative of the Duke of Marlborough and his great-grandson Winston Churchill, both of them doing the same thing: saving the country from the grips of an enemy.
Not until Tuesday did we visit the Cotswolds, a spectacular English countryside. Did we explore it all? No, because when we found nearest stream of water, nearly all of us jumped straight in it starting a wild battle of splashing each other. Unruly kids. Yes, sometimes, and the teachers with them.
Until next time,
Your teachers.