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Since we found that last years programme was almost too easy for the 7th form we decided to offer it to the sixth form this year. English in Action have also revised their programme and it proved to be more demanding but still the same well rounded mixture of learning and fun. We were delighted to have 2 teachers from English in Action this year. Two late applicants increased our number two twenty participants. In the week of 20th to 25th of April Dylan Strain the programme’s Senior Teacher took over one part of the class while the other 10 students were instructed by delightful Miss Gen Yau.

The EiA programme consists of six 50-minute lessons a day.

• Lessons 1 to 4 use communication activities to ensure that students engage with the programme
• Lesson 5 is project work – an opportunity for students to do some extended work in English on topics that interest them. Projects take a variety of forms including displays, brochures, magazines, video presentations and game designs
• Lesson 6 is preparation for the end-of-course show or presentation – usually a fun mixture of sketches, songs and readings.

As expected the programme proved to be a great success. Students enjoyed the British humour, songs and quizzes, running dictation, creative writing and simulations. They probably also enjoyed the fact that there were no tests, gym classes and homework that week. Students had a great week which ended in the grand finale of their end-of-week show in which they entertained all of us with their self made sketches.

Mag. Jan Killian